Best of August

​Here’s our top picks from August 2018 from Longboarding to Paragliding.

10th Place - A Loving Old Couple’s Motor Cycle Trip
​Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Bike Bundle
Green meadows, clear skies and a loving old couple, New York has some stunning roads.

9th Place - Downhill Longboarding
​​Equipment Used: Insta360 ONE+Skate Bundle
Get ready for an epic longboard journey. Thrilling speeds, smooth tarmac and an even smoother camera.

8th Place - Drone VS Super Car
​​Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Mavic Pro Bundle
​A racing drone VS a super car, who will win?

7th Place Go-kart Drifting
Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Bike Bundle
​Get your daily dose of adrenaline with some high speed Go-karting.

6th Place - Roller Coaster
Capture the highs and the lows. This looks like fun!

5th Place - Hiking In The American Wilds.
​Mount Rainier looks stunning through the eyes of the Insta360 ONE. Good job!

4th Place - Mountain Biking
​Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Bike Bundle
​Mountain Biking and Insta360 ONE go together like bread and butter.

3rd Place - Paragliding
Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Sky Bundle
​Take a paraglide flight while the weather holds up, it will be rainy before you know it!

2nd Place - A skateboard-trip Around Haguenau
​Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Skate Bundle
​Stunning sunsets to longboard with in Haguenau France.

1st Place - Skydiving over the Netherlands
​Equipment Used:Insta360 ONE+Sky Bundle
​Skydiving with his girlfriend, sounds like the perfect date.

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